Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

Why A Sub-Compact Tractor Can Be Better Than A Lawn Tractor

by Clayton James

If you have a large property that you're always working hard to maintain, you may want to think about buying a tractor to help with various jobs. Your first instinct might be a lawn tractor, given its value in cutting grass, blowing snow, and other assorted jobs. This can also be a good time to think about what other tractors are on the market. For example, you might wish to choose a sub-compact tractor instead. This type of tractor is larger than a lawn tractor but not as big as many other tractors — meaning that it won't feel intimidating for the average person to operate. Here are some reasons that a sub-compact tractor can be preferable to a lawn tractor.

More Horsepower

The horsepower rating of lawn tractors and sub-compact tractors varies from model to model, but you can typically expect that a sub-compact tractor will have more horsepower than a lawn tractor. Having more horsepower at your disposal is handy in all sorts of scenarios. If you're operating the tractor in a muddy area or in snowy conditions, more horsepower will allow you to move across this slippery terrain without getting stuck. If you're pulling a heavy trailer, doing so will be easier in a tractor with more horsepower.

More Attachments

While there are a few different attachments that you can buy to use on a lawn tractor, there are far more attachments on the market for use with a sub-compact tractor. This type of tractor is common in all sorts of agricultural operations, which means that the number of attachments that you can use with it is extensive. For example, you can fit the tractor with a bucket attachment on the front and a backhoe attachment on the rear — two attachments that you won't typically find for a small lawn tractor. Access to more attachments allows you to perform more work with this tractor.

Higher Ground Clearance

Another advantage of a sub-compact tractor is that it has considerably more ground clearance than a lawn tractor. This means that its body is higher off the ground, which is advantageous for a number of reasons. The more ground clearance a tractor has, the better it will be able to travel over uneven terrain. While a tractor with minimal ground clearance could drag the body across rocks and develop damage, a tractor with more ground clearance will navigate these areas without incident. Learn more about sub-compact tractors at a local tractor dealer such as Paige Tractors Inc.


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Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

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