Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

Hay Wagon Feeding Systems

by Clayton James

If you own livestock and would like to simplify the manner in which you feed your animals, a large hay wagon will support a streamlined feeding plan. This type of feeding system is weatherproof and portable.

A Wagon Feeding System

A hay wagon contains an axle, a frame, and wheels. A hay wagon can easily be moved around your property, or transported behind your vehicle when the wagon needs to be replenished with feed. Hay wagons are often sought by livestock owners who would like to feed their animals in various settings. A hay wagon can be set up inside a barn or in a pasture. 


A basic hay wagon will contain a metal cage-like enclosure that is secured to the axle and frame. The cage is what is used to secure hay bales and loose pieces of hay that have been added to a hay cradle. Hay wagon manufacturers that sell products that are designed for use in all types of weather may feature stainless steel or powder-coated metal wagons. 

Wagon Sizes

Decide how the new feeding system will be utilized during each feeding session. If you are going to use the feeder to supply different animal breeds with food, compare the height, length, and width of various feeder models. Research the hay cradle restrictions that a wagon manufacturer has outlined. A wagon feeder may be designed to hold small batches of hay, a single bale of hay, or multiple bales of hay.

If you own a lot of farm animals and do not want to be burdened with loading the wagon multiple times each day, investing in one of the largest feeding systems that a manufacturer sells is your best option.

Canopies, Drainage, And Hitch Products

Some hay wagons may come with a canopy. The canopy is an important accessory that will prevent hay from getting wet when the wagon is serving as an outdoor feeding station. A wagon feeding system will contain wire mesh along its underside. If an uncovered wagon is the type of product that you decide to purchase, the wire mesh will effectively drain rainwater.

If you would like to transport the hay feeder wagon when you are going to be transporting your animals to livestock competitions and other events, you can purchase a hitch system for the new wagon. A large wagon can be pulled behind a truck or another heavy-duty vehicle type.


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Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

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