Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

Running A Small Horse Rescue? How Automatic Horse Watering Systems Can Help

by Clayton James

While most horses get good care and attention, some still exist in situations where abuse, neglect, or mistreatment is causing problems with their overall health or putting them at risk of serious injury or death. Horse rescue operations are springing up across the country as individuals strive to save mistreated equines and provide them with a safe environment while they are nursed back to health. 

If you are planning to open a horse rescue or have already established one, investing in automatic horse watering systems may be an excellent way to help you provide better care for rescued equines while also offering some important benefits for you and your staff. 

Encourages consistent hydration

Horses, especially those with health issues, can be picky about their drinking water. The water in traditional water troughs may heat in summer and taste less appealing. In winter, water troughs can freeze quickly and leave horses unable to find water to drink when thirsty. Water troughs can also be difficult to keep clean, even when scrubbed and changed on a regular basis. 

When an automatic horse water system is installed, the constant supply of fresh, clean water helps to encourage horses to drink more often resulting in better hydration for each animal. 

Reduces labor costs and water usage

Most small horse rescues operate on small budgets or rely on donations to stay in operation. Because of this, finding ways to reduce labor and utility costs can be necessary in order to provide ongoing care for the horses your facility already has while still maintaining enough funding to continue rescue efforts in your area. If you are currently paying staff members to drain, scrub, refill and deice water troughs, you may find that installing automatic horse watering systems can help substantially reduce your labor costs. 

Additionally, the installation of automatic horse watering systems can also help to reduce the amount of water used in your facility. Automatic horse waterers dispense clean, freshwater only when horses activate the flow. No water is wasted and no excess water is held in large open tanks where it can become hot, dirty, or unhealthy for the animals to consume. Horse rescues where automatic horse water systems are used may also see a reduction in mosquito pressure because their design eliminates the standing water these insects need for breeding. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of automatic horse watering systems for your horse rescue operation, reach out to a company such as EndureQuest Corporation.


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