Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

What Types Of Cable Spoolers Are Available?

by Clayton James

Industrial and agricultural equipment is often heavy and built to last, which makes it difficult to manually move different pieces around. Luckily, there are trailers and other vehicles that make it easier to get things like large, cable spools from one place to another and use them once they arrive.

Types of Cable Spoolers

A cable spooler (sometimes also called a cable reel) is intended to allow the safe use and storage of a wide variety of different types of cables for all manner of applications from deep-sea drilling and industrial manufacturing to agriculture. Cable spools come in several different loading configurations. The most typical are:

  1. Skid-Mounted — these are mounted on platforms, or skids, that serve as the base for the spooler once it is set down. Small ones can be manually operated allowing the cable to spool out by hand; larger ones, some up to 30,000 pounds, often have motors allowing them to smoothly play out the cable and reel it back.
  2. Truck-Mounted — these are just what the name implies, cable spoolers intended to be mounted on a truck for mobile use from the back of the vehicle. Truck-mounted cable spoolers can fit in the back of a pickup truck, converted truck, or big rig, based upon their size and use.
  3. Cable Shop — these are often smaller than a skid-mounted spooler, meant for workshops or small manufacturing shops and can be moved around more easily due to their size and weight.
  4. Trailer-Mounted — these are spools that are mounted on trailers instead of trucks so they can be driven to a site, unhitched, and left for weeks or longer to be used at the job site.

Transporting Cable Spoolers

The different types also sometimes dictate how they are transported. Some cable spools are just in use to safely store cable for transport before it us unwound and the spool discarded. These cable spools are transported by truck or crate to get from point A to point B.

Then there are the spools that have to be re-used and are integral to the functions of a particular industry. For remote areas, these are often transported in ESP spool trailers. ESP trailers come with the spool pre-mounted so that the spool doesn't have to be loaded and unloaded each time. The trailer can be pulled to a job or manufacturing site and detached so it can be used long-term without tying up a truck or vehicle. 

Cable spoolers are used in many industries and can be small and manual or large and automated. Picking the right one is based upon your specific need for transport, function, and re-use.


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