Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

Answering A Couple Of Your Questions About Installing Sod

by Clayton James

The condition of your home's lawn will play a major role in determining the appearance of your yard and the value of your real estate. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that may have let their lawns fall into states of disrepair. For those that are wanting to rejuvenate their lawns, installing sod can be an excellent way of quickly improving the appearance of the yard, but if you are unfamiliar with sod, you will likely benefit from having the following questions answered so that you can have a better idea of what to expect from this upgrade. 

What Happens To Your Old Grass?

Most yards are not completely barren of grass, and if this is the case with your lawn, it will be necessary to remove the old grass before the new sod can be installed. If you fail to remove the old grass, it will compete with the new sod for nutrients, which can severely stunt the development of your new lawn. 

Fortunately, removing your old grass is relatively simple, and it can be done with nothing more than a standard garden tiller. However, it will require substantial labor on your part, and if you are not comfortable or unable to do this, your sod contractor will be able to remove the old grass for an additional fee. 

Why Are You Often Advised To Wait Several Weeks Before Mowing New Sod?

Many homeowners may be surprised when they are advised to wait several weeks before mowing their new sod for the first time. While this my seem like it will lead your yard to becoming overgrown, it is actually vital for ensuring the sod acclimates to its new environment. After the sod has been installed, the root systems must develop to allow the sod to stay in place and harvest the nutrients it needs. 

The development of a root system takes a tremendous amount of energy from the grass, and if you mow the lawn you will hamper this process in two ways. First, mowing the grass will reduce the area where photosynthesis can take place because it will trim down the blades of grass, which will make it harder for the grass to make the needed energy. Second, the grass will have to divert much of its energy to heal the damaged blades instead of developing the roots, and this will further slow the process. By waiting several weeks before you mow the lawn, you will give the roots a chance to develop, and you will not have to worry about your lawn becoming overgrown because the growth rate of the grass will be much lower while it is developing the root system. 

If your lawn is in bad condition, installing sod may be the quickest option for restoring the appearance of your lawn. By understanding what happens to your existing grass and why the sod needs weeks before it can be mowed, you should be in a better position to get the most from your new lawn. For more info, talk to a sod installation company in your area.


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Growing Your Agricultural Business With the Right Tools

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